White Fillings

Transforming Smiles with Advanced Dental Solutions

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Unveiling the Beauty of White Fillings

Say goodbye to conspicuous metal fillings and hello to a brighter, more radiant smile with white fillings. Our techniques and materials ensure Resilience and Longevity, so you can enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come. Discover the benefits of white fillings and transform your smile with our innovative dental solutions.

While traditional amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of metals including mercury, silver, copper, and tin, white fillings are composed of a tooth-coloured composite resin material. Additionally, white fillings offer the advantage of preserving a more sound tooth structure as they can be bonded directly to the tooth, unlike amalgam fillings which require more extensive preparation.

At Innova Dental, we believe that everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of. The composite resin used in white fillings is versatile and adaptable. White fillings have been shown to have fewer instances of recurrent marginal decay compared to traditional amalgam fillings, leading to improved long-term oral health outcomes. In composite dentistry, we strive to deliver exceptional results that not only improve your oral health but also boost confidence and self-esteem.

Elevating Oral Health: Solutions with White Fillings

Unlocking the versatility of white fillings, we address a spectrum of dental concerns with precision and care. White fillings are effective for treating a variety of dental issues, including:

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Dental Cavities

White fillings provide a discreet solution for filling cavities and restoring the integrity of decayed teeth.

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Chipped Teeth

Composite fillings can repair minor chips and cracks in teeth, restoring their strength and appearance.

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Worn Tooth Enamel

White fillings can build up and reinforce worn tooth enamel, protecting against further damage and sensitivity.

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Cosmetic Imperfections

Composite fillings can reshape and contour teeth to improve their appearance and symmetry.

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Small Gaps between Teeth

White fillings can fill in small gaps between teeth, creating a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile.

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Tooth Discoloration

Composite fillings can cover discolored areas of the tooth, restoring a bright and natural-looking appearance.

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Sensitive Teeth

White fillings can provide insulation and protection for sensitive teeth, reducing discomfort and improving oral health.

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Preventive Sealants

Composite fillings can be used as preventive sealants to protect vulnerable areas of the teeth from decay and damage.

Why White Fillings Shine: Their Advantages

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White fillings give a natural tooth colour appearance, providing a pleasing result compared to silver amalgam fillings. This makes them an ideal choice for filling cavities in visible areas of the mouth, such as the front teeth.

Composite resin fillings require less invasive preparation, allowing for more conservative treatment of dental cavities. This means less removal of healthy tooth structure, resulting in a smaller filling and a stronger tooth overall.

Composite resin fillings can be used to repair a wide range of dental issues, including filling cavities, repairing chipped or cracked teeth, and even reshaping teeth for cosmetic purposes. Their versatility makes them a versatile option for various dental restorations.

White fillings bond directly to the tooth surface, creating a strong and durable seal that helps prevent further decay and damage.

Unlike silver amalgam fillings, white fillings do not contain mercury, alleviating concerns about potential mercury exposure and toxicity. This makes them a safer choice for both patients and the environment.

Explore White Filling Treatment at Innova Dental

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At Innova Dental, we understand the importance of providing our patients with safe and effective dental treatments, which is why we offer white filling treatment as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. White fillings, also known as composite resin fillings, are made from a tooth-coloured material. Unlike traditional silver amalgam fillings, white fillings are mercury-free. 

This minimally invasive approach is particularly beneficial for posterior tooth dental restorations, preserving natural tooth structure. At Innova Dental, we prioritise patient safety and satisfaction, which is why we recommend white fillings as a modern and biocompatible alternative for dental restorations.

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In paediatric dentistry, white fillings offer a safe and effective solution for restoring primary and permanent teeth affected by tooth decay. With white fillings, children can enjoy restored oral health without the risk of mercury exposure or adverse health effects associated with traditional silver amalgam fillings. Whether it's filling a tooth cavity or replacing old amalgam fillings, our dental team at Innova Dental utilises the latest dental materials and techniques to ensure optimal results and patient comfort.

Experience the excellence of white fillings and discover the difference in innovative approach can make in transforming your smile and enhancing your dental wellness. Schedule your appointment today and take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future.

White Fillings vs. Amalgam Fillings: Choosing the Right Restoration

When it comes to dental restorations, patients often have a choice between white fillings (composite resin) and amalgam fillings (metal). Each type of filling has its own set of advantages and considerations. Let's delve into the key differences between white and amalgam fillings:

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Aesthetic Appearance


  • White Fillings: Blend seamlessly with natural tooth color, providing a discreet and aesthetically pleasing restoration.
  • Amalgam Fillings: These are silver in color and more noticeable, making them less cosmetically appealing, especially for visible teeth.
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Tooth Preservation


  • White Fillings: Require minimal removal of healthy tooth structure during preparation, preserving more of the natural tooth.
  • Amalgam Fillings: Often necessitate more extensive tooth preparation, resulting in greater removal of healthy tooth material.
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  • White Fillings: Tend to fare better in terms of longevity as they bond directly to the tooth structure, providing durability over time.
  • Amalgam Fillings: May eventually weaken the tooth structure due to their expansion and contraction properties, potentially leading to fractures or breakages.
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  • White Fillings: Contain no mercury or other metals, making them a safe and biocompatible option for patients concerned about potential health risks.
  • Amalgam Fillings: Contain mercury, which has raised concerns among some patients about potential health risks associated with mercury exposure.




  • White Fillings: Are less conductive to heat and cold than amalgam fillings, reducing the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
  • Amalgam Fillings: Can conduct temperature changes more readily, potentially causing increased sensitivity in some patients.

Treatment Time

  • White Fillings: Can often be placed in a single dental visit, as they require minimal curing time.
  • Amalgam Fillings: May require longer treatment times, as the material needs time to set and harden properly.


Types Of Dental Fillings

Understanding the different types of dental fillings allows patients to make informed decisions based on factors such as durability, aesthetics, and oral health considerations. Your dentist will recommend the most suitable filling material based on your individual needs and the condition of your teeth.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings, often referred to as silver fillings, have been used for decades. They consist of a mixture of metals, including silver, copper, tin, and mercury. While they are durable and cost-effective, concerns have been raised about mercury exposure and the release of mercury vapour over time.

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings, also known as white fillings, are made from a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles. They are tooth-coloured, making them aesthetically pleasing and suitable for visible teeth. Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth, preserving more natural tooth structure, and are often preferred for small to medium-sized cavities.

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings, although less commonly used today, are highly durable and long-lasting. They are composed of a gold alloy and are well-tolerated by gum tissues. However, their cost and conspicuous appearance make them less popular than other options.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings, also known as ceramic fillings, are custom-made and then bonded to the tooth. They closely resemble natural tooth enamel in appearance and are highly resistant to staining. Porcelain fillings are used for larger restorations and in areas with heavy chewing forces.

Glass Ionomer Cement Fillings

Glass ionomer cement fillings are made from a mixture of glass and organic acids. They release fluoride, which helps prevent further decay and strengthen the surrounding tooth structure. While not as durable as other types of fillings, they are commonly used for children's primary teeth and temporary fillings.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are thin layers of composite resin applied to the front surface of the teeth to improve aesthetics or repair minor imperfections. They are an alternative to porcelain veneers and can be customised to match the natural colour and shape of the teeth.

Processes of White Fillings 

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The process of white fillings begins with an initial assessment to evaluate the extent of tooth decay or damage. Assessment helps determine if a white filling is suitable for the restoration, considering the size and location of the cavity, as well as the patient's oral health history.

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Once the decision is made to proceed with a white filling, the affected tooth is prepared by removing the decayed or damaged portion. This process preserves as much sound tooth structure as possible.

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Material Selection

White fillings, also known as composite resin fillings, are made from a tooth-coloured material that blends with natural tooth enamel. The appropriate shade of composite resin is selected to match the patient's tooth colour, ensuring a discreet and pleasing restoration.

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Application and Sculpting

 The composite resin material is applied to the prepared tooth in layers and carefully shaped to restore its original form and function. Special dental instruments and techniques are used to sculpt the filling and achieve a smooth, natural-looking surface that appears as the surrounding teeth.

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Curing Process

Once the filling is shaped to perfection, a curing light is used to harden and bond the composite resin to the tooth structure. This curing process ensures a durable and long-lasting restoration that can withstand the forces of biting and chewing.

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Finishing Touches

The restored tooth is polished to a smooth finish, enhancing its appearance and preventing plaque buildup. Patients can enjoy the benefits of a white filling that restores both function and aesthetics to their smile.


Cost and Insurance For Invisalign

Curious about the investment in your new smile? We provide transparent information on the cost of Invisalign treatment and offer financing options to make achieving your dream smile a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common queries about White Fillings. 

The lifespan of white fillings can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the filling, as well as your oral hygiene habits. With proper care and maintenance, white fillings can last for many years, typically 5-10 years or more.

A common concern is whether white fillings will blend seamlessly with the natural color of the teeth, especially for fillings in visible areas.

You can rest assure that white fillings come in different shades of white and we have them all here at Innova Dental. Your dentist will assess the shade of your tooth on the day of treatment and find the best shade that matches.

Patients with existing silver fillings may wonder whether they can opt for white fillings as replacements and whether there are any additional considerations for this procedure.

Whilst we do not believe every silver filling needs to be replaced, we do offer replacements if you are conscious of or concerned about the dark appearance that silver fillings give

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