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Discovering Advanced Root Canal Solutions

Welcome to Innova Dental, where we redefine the experience of root canal therapy with our innovative approach and personalized care. Root canal treatment, often misunderstood and feared, is a vital procedure aimed at saving damaged or infected teeth and preserving your natural smile. Join us as we demystify root canal therapy and discover how it can transform your oral health and overall well-being.

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a procedure designed to address issues within the innermost layer of the tooth, known as the pulp. This vital part of the tooth contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and can become infected or inflamed due to various factors, including deep decay, trauma, or repeated dental procedures. Root canal therapy involves the removal of the infected or damaged pulp, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system, and sealing the space to prevent further infection. By preserving the natural tooth structure, root canal treatment aims to alleviate pain, restore function, and save the tooth from extraction.

Resolving Dental Dilemmas: Conditions Addressed by Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment solution is aimed at resolving various dental dilemmas and alleviating discomfort caused by underlying issues. Explore the spectrum of dental concerns effectively treated by root canal therapy, empowering you to reclaim your oral health and revive your smile.

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Deep Decay

Root canal therapy removes decayed tissue and prevents the spread of infection to surrounding teeth.

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Dental Trauma

In cases of dental trauma or injury, root canal treatment can save the tooth from irreversible damage.

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Infected Pulp

Root canal therapy removes infected pulp, relieving pain and discomfort associated with pulp inflammation or infection.

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Abscess Formation

Root canal treatment eliminates abscesses or pockets of infection around the tooth root, promoting healing and preventing further complications.

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Tooth Fractures

Root canal therapy can repair and strengthen teeth weakened by fractures or cracks, restoring their structural integrity.

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Pain Relief

By addressing the underlying cause of dental pain, root canal treatment provides lasting relief and improves oral health.

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Chronic Sensitivity

Root canal therapy addresses chronic tooth sensitivity by treating underlying issues such as exposed pulp or nerve irritation, providing long-lasting relief.

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Fracture Fix

Fractured teeth can be salvaged through root canal therapy, which involves removing damaged pulp and reinforcing the tooth's structure to prevent further fracturing.

The Perks of Root Canal Dental Procedure

With good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, root canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime, providing patients with lasting relief, function, and confidence in their smiles.

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Instead of opting for tooth extraction, in root canal treatment dentist removes the tooth pulp infection from within the tooth while retaining its outer structure, including the roots. This allows patients to maintain their natural smile and chewing function.

Root canal therapy provides effective relief from throbbing pain caused by infected tooth pulp. The procedure involves the removal of the infected nerve tissue, eliminating the source of pain. Patients typically experience severe pain reduction following root canal treatment, allowing them to enjoy improved oral comfort. Pain medication is also prescribed with regular dental checkups.

By eliminating the infected pulp or decayed tooth and thoroughly cleaning the curved canals, root canal therapy prevents the spread of infection to surrounding teeth and tissues. Without intervention, a badly damaged infected tooth can lead to complications such as abscess formation, bone loss, pulp extends and systemic health issues. 

Root canal therapy restores the functionality of the affected tooth by removing the diseased pulp and filling the empty pulp chamber and canals with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This seals off the tissues surrounding the diseased tooth with adhesive cement, preventing re-infection and enabling patients to bite and chew normally. 

After the infected pulp is removed, the tooth is restored with a dental crown or temporary filling material to reinforce its structure and enhance its aesthetics. This ensures that the dental treatment restores a healthy and attractive smile.

Why Innova Dental to Treat Infected Tooth

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We are committed to providing top-tier endodontic care that not only restores your smile but also enhances overall oral health. Root canal therapy, a cornerstone of our dental services, offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond mere tooth preservation. Here's why choosing root canal treatment at Innova Dental can transform your dental experience.

Root canal therapy offers a durable and long-lasting solution for dental wellness. With proper oral hygiene habits and regular dental check-ups, a tooth treated with root canal therapy can remain healthy and functional for years to come, allowing improved quality of life.

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Root canal therapy allows us to save natural teeth from extraction, preserving their integrity and function. Unlike tooth extraction, which can lead to further oral health complications and the need for replacement options like dental implants or bridges, root canal treatment maintains the structural integrity of teeth.

Dental infections or inflammation within the tooth can cause excruciating pain and discomfort. Root canal effectively eliminates the source of pain by removing infected or damaged soft tissue from the tooth's interior, providing immediate relief and restoring your comfort.

Restoring Smiles and Oral Health

Root canal treatment is a valuable solution for individuals facing various dental challenges. Those who can benefit from this procedure include:


Patients With Tooth Pain

If you're suffering from persistent toothaches or sensitivity, root canal treatment can provide relief by addressing the underlying cause of the discomfort, such as deep decay or inflammation.


Individuals with Tooth Infections

Root canal therapy effectively addresses tooth infections by removing the infected pulp, eliminating bacteria, and preventing the spread of infection to surrounding teeth and gums.

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Deep Dental Decay

Deep cavities or decay that reach the tooth's pulp chamber require prompt intervention to prevent further damage. Root canal therapy removes the decayed tissue and restores the tooth's health and function.

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Patients with Abscessed Teeth

Abscesses, or pockets of infection, can form around the tooth's root, causing pain and swelling. Root canal therapy eliminates the infection and promotes healing, alleviating discomfort and preventing complications.

Root Canal Healing: Your Guide to Recovery

After undergoing root canal treatment, it is essential to follow certain steps to ensure proper recovery and maintain oral health. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Good Oral Hygiene: Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to prevent further dental issues. Brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and using mouthwash help keep the treated tooth and surrounding teeth clean.

  • Regular Dental Checkups: Regular dental checkups allow the dentist to monitor the healing progress of the treated tooth and address any concerns promptly. These checkups also help prevent future dental problems.

  • Chewing on the Treated Tooth: It's advisable to avoid putting excessive pressure on the treated tooth immediately after the procedure to prevent dislodging the temporary filling until you get a full crown. Opt for soft foods and avoid chewing on hard or sticky items.

  • Take Pain Medication: Some discomfort or sensitivity is normal after root canal treatment. Over-the-counter pain medication can help alleviate any pain or discomfort. Follow the instructions regarding medication usage.

  • Be Aware of Hot or Cold Sensitivity: The treated tooth may be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures for a few days following the procedure. Avoid consuming extremely hot or cold items until sensitivity subsides.

  • Monitor for Signs of Infection: Keep an eye out for any signs of infection, such as severe pain, swelling, or discharge around the treated tooth. Contact the dentist immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

Understanding the Treatment Process

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Our dentist evaluates your oral health, discusses your symptoms, determine status of the tooth and offer treatment options.

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The tooth is prepared for the procedure, and local anesthesia is administered to ensure your comfort.

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Access and Cleaning

An opening is created in the tooth to remove the infected pulp, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the root canals.

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Filling and Sealing

The root canals are filled with a biocompatible material, and the tooth is sealed to prevent further infection.

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A temporary or permanent restoration, such as a crown, is placed to protect the tooth and restore its function and appearance.


With proper oral hygiene habits and regular dental check-ups, treated tooth can remain healthy and functional for years to come.

Cost and Insurance 

Curious about the investment in your new smile? We provide transparent information on the cost of Invisalign treatment and offer financing options to make achieving your dream smile a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common queries about Root Canal Treatment.

With the administration of anesthesia, a root canal is no more painful than other routine dental procedures, such as getting a filling or having a wisdom tooth removed. Because the tooth is anaesthetised for treatment, you will have a comfortable experience throughout. After treatment, there may be mild discomfort for a day or two which can be relieved by over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.

A tooth can be significantly infected without causing any pain initially. This occurs because the body's immune system has is able to manage the infection temporarily.

However, in many instances, the infection will progress over time and eventually lead to intense pain. It can also lead to complications such as abscess formation, bone loss around the tooth root, and spreading infection to surrounding teeth or tissues. Ultimately, delaying treatment can result in pain or the loss of the affected tooth. This sudden onset of pain can happen unexpectedly, making it impossible to anticipate. Therefore, if an infection is identified through an x-ray or examination of the tooth, it is advisable to undergo root canal treatment promptly to prevent further deterioration or tooth loss.

While most cases may require two visits for complex root canal procedures, many routine cases can be completed in a single visit. Your dentist will assess your specific situation and provide guidance on the number of visits needed.

In cases where root canal treatment is not feasible or advisable, alternatives may include tooth extraction followed by tooth replacement options such as dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures. However, preserving the natural tooth through root canal treatment is more conservative and generally recommended whenever possible.

Practising good oral hygiene, including brushing twice daily, flossing, and attending regular dental check-ups, is crucial for preventing tooth decay and gum disease that can lead to the need for root canal treatment. Additionally, avoiding chewing hard objects and seeking prompt dental care for any dental issues can help maintain oral health and prevent the need for extensive dental procedures like root canal treatment.

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